110c. Procedure for Bowling

When a team is bowling in a known forfeit situation, the following procedures shall apply:

  1. The forfeiting team is not to receive any point(s).

  2. Unless the league rules have stated another number, to earn the point(s):

  1. An individual must bowl at least his/her average less ten (10) pins.

  2. Teams must bowl at least the team average less ten (10) pins per player.

  1. Points not won by the individual and/or team for failing to bowl the prescribed score should be recorded on the standing sheet as "unearned" points.

  2. The following applies to players on the forfeiting team:

  1. Those who are present may bowl, but the scores shall not be included in the teamís total pins.

  2. Scores bowled in accordance with this procedure shall be counted toward averages and qualify for league prizes, unless the league rules state otherwise.

  3. Scores shall qualify for USBC awards.



NOTE:  When leagues include series totals in points won and a team forfeits one or more games in a series, that team shall receive a zero for the games it forfeits in deciding the winner of the series point.


When a league determines position standings on a percentage basis, the percentage is calculated by dividing the number of points won by the total number of points available to the team. (The total number of points available includes points won, lost and unearned through forfeit situations.)



Commonly Asked Questions Ė Rule 110c.



What is a known forfeit?

The team bowls knowing the opposing team is not eligible to receive any points due to an apparent rule violation. For example, an opposing team lacks a legal lineup or the opposing team is over the average cap. To promote a competitive atmosphere, the non-forfeiting team must earn the points.



What is an unknown forfeit?

The team bowls unaware that a forfeit will be declared. For example, it was found out immediately after bowling the opposing team used an ineligible player. The forfeiture would have to be acted upon within the specified timelines of Rule 119. The forfeiting team does not receive any points and the non-forfeiting team is automatically credited with all of the points.



If a team does not show up and a postponement was not requested, does the team present get all the points?

In instances where the reason for absence is unknown, the team present must earn the  points and should be advised that the absence may be due to an emergency.

A league officer should call the captain to determine whether something unforeseen occurred. If an emergency exists, advise the absent team they have the right to request an emergency postponement within the time constraints of Rule 119. See Rule 111c for information on emergency postponements.



When a team loses a game by forfeit, how do you determine who wins the point for total pins?

When a team forfeits a game, the team score for that game is zero. Add zero to the scores bowled in the other games in the series and compare that total to the opposing teamís series total.



A team meets the prescribed score (team average less ten pins per player) in a known forfeit situation. Do they split the point?

No. When a team meets the prescribed score, the point(s) is (are) earned. There are no ties in this situation.



If a team has to forfeit because an ineligible player is used, what happens to the scores bowled?

An ineligible playerís score becomes zero, and the game(s) is (are) not included in their average. The teamís score for the forfeited game(s) is (are) also zero. However, the scores bowled by the eligible players are counted toward their averages and any individual prizes.



In our league, we figure team and individual averages after bowling three games. On the first night, if a team is bowling in a forfeit situation, how would you determine whether the team "earned" points for the three games since averages are not established until the series completion?

The team would have to wait until the end of the series to figure individual and team averages. After the team average is computed, deduct 10 pins per player to determine the score the team had to bowl, or exceed, to be credited with "earned" points. If the team does not earn points, they are listed on the standing sheet as "unearned."



Can a league adopt a no forfeit rule?

No, USBC rules provide for a forfeit as a possible penalty when rules are violated.