Rule 51a - Single Game Awards


1. Youth Awards

USBC Youth Standard members participating in USBC Standard youth competition will be recognized for the following game accomplishments

a. 300*

b. Eleven (11) strikes in a row when the score is 299 or less *

c. 125 to 299 games in 25 pin increments.

d. Special awards available to youth ages 12 and below. 50 to 124 games in 25 pin increments.

The bowler’s average must be less than the game bowled. Awards are limited to once per season per achievement. Once an award has been earned in any classification, bowlers are only eligible for the higher awards on a progressive merit basis.

2.   Adult Awards

A member is eligible for one award in each of the following categories during a fiscal year (August 1-July 31):

a.   300*

b. 275 to 299 with a 200 average or below

c. 250 to 274 with a 180 average or below

d. 225 to 249 with a 160 average or below

e. 200 to 224 with a 145 average or below

f. 175 to 199 with a 130 average or below

g. 150 to 174 with a 110 average or below

h. 125 to 149 with a 90 average or below

i.   Eleven (11) strikes in a row when the score is 299 or less*

3.   Where a choice of awards is available in any category the member is entitled to a choice of an award for the first score recorded. Any additional score in the same category that fiscal year will be officially recognized by USBC, but will not qualify for an award.




*Cannot be earned while pre or post bowling unopposed.